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Short questions and answers about micro tax


Question 1: What is the micro tax?

Question 2: On what and how will this tax be levied?

Question 3: Which taxes would be replaced?

Question 4: What is the current volume of electronic transactions in Switzerland?

Question 5: Will this tax affect the volume of electronic transactions?

Question 6: What are the advantages for the Swiss population and SME?

Question 7: What would be its impact on banks?

Question 8: Why introduce such a tax today?

Question 9: To what extent is it relevant for the digitization of the economy?

Question 10: To what extent is the tax relevant to the climate challenge?

Question 11: Does this initiative have a political origin?

Question 12: Can Switzerland introduce the micro tax on its own?

Question 13: Is the micro tax different from the Tobin tax?

Question 14: Would this tax also apply to multinational companies?

Question 15: Aren't you worried that the Swiss banks would thereby shift their activities?

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